Bloc Gateway

Gateway Api

BLOC-Gateway Wallet is a HTTP server which provides interface for BLOC.


The BLOC gateway is made for the most part for developers and for those who want to build a third party application that use BLOC as a payment gateway. 

BLOC gateway is responsible for transfer/create/syncronizing wallet and transactions between platforms :

  • Interaction with the blockchain, e.g. blocks relaying, getting informations about the wallet
  • Informations about a transaction made with the API
  • Synchronize and grow blockchain

Various commands are made available by the API described on this page.


Bloc API Gateway Integration

Bloc Api Gateway

Make sure you follow this instructions before getting started with BLOC.

BLOC integration process may differ from other cryptocurrencies:

The API can be implemented in any programming language that can support HTTP Requests.


Please click on the service to see how does it work and how to implement BLOC-Gateway into your application and/or website.

Bloc API Gateway