Command inline Options

BLOCd CLI (Command Line Interface), is a multi-platform program (Win/Linux/Mac) that requires you to enter commands for it to work and you cannot use your mouse. It is text only application that does not have a graphical interface. However it is the most important application of the blockchain. You can view all the available command inline options here

BLOCd Command Inline Options

Execute commands into BLOCd

BLOCd can accept settings through a configuration file and/or command line using Command line arguments. Once started with the correct configuration you will be able to use the BLOCd HTTP RPC API and/or BLOCd JSON RPC API but also the Command Line.

You can use this page to view the available commands from the BLOCd command line interface.

  • It is used to execute entered commands into BLOCd


BLOC integration

Make sure you follow this instructions before getting started with BLOC

BLOC integration process may differes from other cryptocurrencies. Firstly, the coin has three separate binaries:



We also support the following official client bindings:



Please click on each of the service you would like to use to see how does it work and how to implement BLOC into your application and/or website.


BLOCd Command Inline Options

Execute commands into BLOCd

This section describes BLOCd daemon command line options used to execute entered commands into BLOCd.


Make sure you have started BLOCd with the correct arguments before using the following functions.


Once you have started BLOCd, you can enter the following commands to be executed in the command line interface.

Implementation Notes

Open an existing wallet file created by BLOCWallet v3.0. BLOCWallet also supports the following :

  • .wallet file created by the BLOC Desktop Wallet & Mining Client v2
  • .wallet file created by the BLOC Simple Wallet v2

Place the .wallet file near BLOCWallet and open it.


open or and type enter