Command Line Arguments

Start BLOCWallet with a configuration file so you do not have to remember all the command line arguments. Almost all of the BLOCWallet command line arguments can be defined through the configuration file. This is the first step to do if you wish to use the BLOCWallet command line options. You can also generate a configuration file using this page.

BLOCWallet command line arguments

Generate a configuration file and to start BLOCWallet

BLOCWallet can accept settings through a configuration file and/or command line using command line arguments. Once started with the correct configuration you will be able to use the BLOCWallet Command line options.

  • Enter the requested input for each argument
  • Once you are ready click GENERATE CONFIG FILE

Download the file, place it next to BLOCWallet and start it like this:
./BLOCWallet --config-file=myconf.conf

Note: We are not saving any logs/requests on this website. Only you see the outputs.


BLOC integration

Make sure you follow this instructions before getting started with BLOC

BLOC integration process may differes from other cryptocurrencies. Firstly, the coin has three separate binaries:



We also support the following official client bindings:



Please click on each of the service you would like to use to see how does it work and how to implement BLOC into your application and/or website.


BLOCWallet Command Line Arguments

Use the form below to generate a configuration file and start BLOCWallet

This section describes BLOCWallet starting process with correct arguments enabling access to the BLOCWallet Command line options.


BLOCWallet can accept settings through a configuration file and/or command line. Once BLOCWallet is started you are ready to use the Command line options described on this page.


To generate your custom configuration file simply select the desired option and then enter then requested input. You can select more than one option. Once you are ready scroll up to the top of this page and click GENERATE CONFIG FILE button.


Download the file, place it next to BLOCWallet and start it like this: ./BLOCWallet --config-file=myconf.conf


Almost all of the command line options can be defined through the configuration file. If a parameter is defined in the config and was also indicated in the command line, two behaviors are possible:


  • If the parameter accepts one value only, the command line value will be used, since it has a higher priority
  • If the parameter accepts several values, then command line and configuration file values will be merged
  • If some of the options are not defined in the config, the default values will be applied


You are now ready to use the BLOCWallet Command line options

Implementation Notes