Welcome developers

BLOC has unfolded and advanced a set of key methods to portray universal and integrated access to act as an alternative or replace the current banking system in regards to the expensive and restricted POS contactless terminals.

BLOC believes that the cryptocurrency era will require a broader development community than just a few leading crypto platforms. For this reason, BLOC is providing an open platform that enables companies to build their own products using BLOC API. It is very easy to integrate BLOC payment into your website/ecommerce/phisical store/application.

This website documents the different BLOC API. We also have some specific language bindings to make integration easier.


Getting informations from the blockchain with BLOCd

A daemon is a program that runs in the background. The BLOC wallet requires a node running BLOCd to connect to. That process: BLOCd, is the daemon. It can run on your computer or on a remote computer. Think of a daemon as a service. Its doing stuff in the background so you can do stuff in the foreground.

BLOCd is responsible for P2P connections and consensus for any communication with the network :

  • Interaction with the blockchain, e.g. blocks relaying, getting informations about the block
  • It can assemble transactions into blocks and check transactions validity
  • Peer list & Connections look up
  • Transaction pool information and relaying
  • Synchronize and grow blockchain
  • But it cannot look inside transactions to see transfers between addresses, because this requires access to user secrets wallets to do so.

BLOCd daemon provides a Command Line Interface with Command line arguments but also an HTTP RPC API and a JSON RPC API to receive informations from the blockchain allowing it to be controlled locally or remotely which makes it useful for integration with other software or in larger payment systems.

Various commands are made available by the API described on this page.



BLOC payment operations and address management

bloc-service RPC Wallet is a HTTP server which provides JSON 2.0 RPC interface for BLOC payment operations and address management designed to manage a user's account while operating together with a BLOCd Node Daemon. bloc-service RPC Wallet allows you to accept incoming payments, generate an address for each user via bloc-service RPC Wallet JSON RPC API and much more.

Make sure you visit the bloc-service command line arguments to find out how to start bloc-service with a customized configuration depending your needs.

If you are looking to integrate BLOC payment and process transactions into your website or application, bloc-service is what you need.


Most stable and newly updated BLOCWallet

The CLI Wallet, called BLOCWallet, is a multi-platform program (Win/Linux/Mac) that requires you to enter commands for it to work and you cannot use your mouse. It is text only application that does not have a graphical interface. However, it is currently the most stable and gets the newest updates first.

Make sure you visit the BLOCWallet command line arguments to find out how to start BLOCWallet and visit the command line options to know how to interact with BLOCWallet.


  • Binary distributions can be found: GitHub
  • Also available on our Website
  • Select the appropriate file for the target platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Binaries are provided in .zip format, while source code is provided in .zip and .tar.gz format.